Renewable Energy Project

Part of BunkerLove’s manifest is to leave no trace in nature… We need capable assistance to fully achieve this goal.

BunkerLove has a long-term vision of being self-reliable with Energy to be used for lights, projectors, sounds systems, pcs, servers, and draft beer equipment (in this or any practical order) through renewable energy sources. We believe there are good forces working in favor of a sustainable energy project in North Denmark, where test drillings for shale gas are on the rise, and in a nation boasting potent wind, and general energy know how (yet still failing on an ambitiously principled stand point).

  • IDEALLY we wish for energy equipment that in itself becomes a work of art, and which will work with its environment in a creative and constructive manner, whether through Sun, Wind, Waves, Muscles, Urine or Gravity.
  • To BunkerLove’s great joy Tulle Ruth and Christian Skjødt have agreed to share their experiences and view points in regards to Sun and Wind energy as part of the artistic project.
  • We are building formal relations with Aalborg University, and work to establish the project group with representation from academia, business and other energy innovators.
  • We work to finance the project through strategic partnerships, and are happy to team up and share gear with other festivals or event makers. Ideas for supporters or collaborators are warmly welcomed.

Please contact us at if you have input, ideas or wish to collaborate.

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