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Christian Skjødt by his work Inversion, a solar powered sound installation translating sun beams into audio. Portrayed by Chris Brock

Christian Skjødt by his work Inversion, a solar powered sound installation translating sun beams into audio. Portrayed by Chris Brock

Sound artist, composer, musician and entrepreneur Christian Skjødt participated in People’s BunkerLove 2013 in Furreby on July 21 with a sun-powered sound installation with the title Inversion and the work is documented at is also part of BunkerLove’s energy project.

Inversion is made specifically for the WWII bunker type Regelbau Fl277, and is a translation of the external (luminous) circumstances brought into the darkness of the bunker in the form of sound. At Furreby beach, the Regelbau Fl277 type bunker was originally sheltering a mobile 150cm searchlight.

Consisting of eight autonomous systems this responsive environment examines the intensity of light using a formation of solar panels located outside on the beach. These are connected to boxes inside of the bunker, each equipped with electronic circuitry and a loudspeaker presenting the solar energy as an audible and ever-changing frequency.

During the exhibition the installation and experience in the space will therefore be constantly changing, where the piece also, by several visits, invites to a discussion about remembrance of memories in space and time.

Christian Skjødt (b.1980). sound artist, composer, musician and improviser.

In his work a boundary pushing curiosity permeates, where the aesthetics of noise and the physicality of sound (& music) serves as the focal point.

His installatory work often deals with the enlargement of unheard and hidden sounds, and creating responsive environments exploring translations of other physical phenomenons into sound. In a live-setting he currently revolves around self-built electronic instruments with nonlinear capabilities and/or amplified object based performance, where he investigates the sonic possibilities of various materials.

During the last years, Christian Skjødt has, besides Denmark, been working in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Canada. He frequently engages in interdisciplinary collaborations, and has worked with as different artists as poets, dancers, visual artists, architects, designers, light artists, video artists, interaction designers, actors and a magician. Christian Skjødt appears on more than 25 record releases, and is also the founder and curator of the record label Tonometer Music objectifying creative and adventurous music on vinyl in limited editions.

Christian Skjødt holds a Master’s degree from the Royal Academy of Music, Denmark, where he currently teaches electronic music and music technology. Furthermore he has been teaching sound related workshops in Sweden, Italy, and Mali, Africa, among other places, and appreciated the possibility of recording melting ice in Greenland.

Christian Skjødt lives and works in Aalborg, Denmark.

Christian Skjødt , photo by Mathies Jespersen - click to visit website

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