Peace Caravan

Musician, sound and installation artist Christian Skjødt by his work Inversion, a solar powered sound installation translating sun beams into audio for a searchlight bunker in Furreby for People’s BunkerLove 2013. We’d like to share this work in European searchlight bunkers, and to create new types of BunkerLove, this history is yet to be. Portrayed by Chris Brock

On a path created by tragedy as well as liberation in Europe, BunkerLove would like to examine states of mind. Via artistic activity engaging solar energy, film, sound, music and the collaboration with local artists and institutions on the route between Germany, Holland and France/Normandy, we want to create lasting relationships.

The bunkers fortifications represent a closed mind, which has surrendered to war conditions. We would like to examine the present effects of the bunkers and fight for peaceful solutions and coexistence.

We currently work on the program and delegation which is set to move a little bit in 2014 and mainly in 2015.

Please contact if you’d like to get involved or know of bunkerlovers along the Atlantic Wall whom we should meet or talk to. Sign up for news to stay in the loop.


Mikolaj Lewandowski and Agata Mlynczak aka l’Objartiste outside the cannon bunker on Furreby beach which housed their video installation ‘Akurat’ for People’s BunkerLove 2013. Miko is involved with BunkerLove activities in Copenhagen and in the creation of the BunkerLove Peace Caravan and can be contacted about this at Portrayed by Chris Brock

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