Ceremony for bunkers – Photos by Andrea Valentini

BunkerLove wish to thank all the participants at our Ceremony for bunkers which took place on the 29th of October as a warm-up to the KK44 Festival in Silkeborg, Central Denmark. Special thanks to KK44 Festival, The Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, Silkeborg Bunkermuseum and the Nordea Foundation. Everyone exceeded all expectations.

Below are the official photos by Italian Andrea Valentini, who is also working on a video which will give an even better impression of atmosphere and of the radio bunker which housed äther as a most important part of the ceremony.

Thank you to OFF TRACK 2017 for supporting äther by Lydlandskab.dk, thank you Hans Pape, thank you Independent Air for the contact to Andrea Valentini. Thank you Borkes Entreprenør, Allans Auto, and thank you Jean, Nikkie and Lars for wonderful support at the event.

Radio bunker

Radio bunker, photo by Per Breindahl

The radio bunker in the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad that housed äther by lydlandskab.dk for our Ceremony for bunkers is unique to the Atlantic Wall. Thanks to Hans Pape we were able to make a floor in part of the bunker, and thanks to the Silkeborg Bunker Museum the floor is still there, making the bunker accessible to the public without getting their feet wet… We will share the transformed inside too, the light in the dark, as soon as possible.

Photo courtesy by Per Breindahl.


Ceremony for bunkers


We wish for peace, inside and around us.

The bunkers testify that war has been present even here. War is very present for the refugees for whom Europe share a responsibility. With this ceremony we will accept the bunkers and transform their function.

Two artworks for bunkers, namely the shooting star radio ‘äther’ by Lydlandskab.dk and ‘Be yond guilt’ by Anja Korsgaard will be tied together by the sounds of flute playing by Birgit Sofia Kjær.

The ceremony celebrates that we have Room to live in peace, freedom, love and harmony and reaches for the grandeur of the universe to be closer to the bunkers.

silkyBadWe will meet by the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, by the blue sculpture Vann Mann, on the 29th of October at 16.30.  The ceremony is a walking and standing one, and takes about an hour. It is practical to wear warm clothes and rubber boots. We have some torches and you are also welcome to bring your own lantern. Tema RUM for KK44 Festival 2016

The ceremony is part of the warm-up for the well-established KK44 Festival 2016 working with the theme Space or Room. Next year the theme is Rethink. It is arranged by BunkerLove in friendly collaboration with Silkeborg Bunker museum and Art Centre Silkeborg Bad. The KK44 Festival program is quite extensive and in Danish, available at KK44festival.dk

Silkeborg Bunker museum is open on Sundays from 13-16 and on October 19th from 13-16. More info on Bumus event page.

In the art centre you can experience the sensual exhibition ”In the silent forest’ until December 11. For BunkerLove it’s a highlight that Suzette Gemzøe’s ‘Blue explosion in bunker’ is exhibited in the large room of the museum. Suzette participated with Transcendens Dilettante in BunkerLove Festival 2014.

The ceremony is free to attend and everyone is welcome.











Beach trip/ MEETUP Saturday July 16 at 15 o’clock

The BunkerLove Festival is CANCELLED but we would still like to meet by the bunkers in Furreby on (one of) the scheduled date(s), July 16, Saturday afternoon at 15. We will be around the middle of the battery. There will NOT be a program, but an opportunity to dip in the ocean, admire the bunkers, and to chat about the past, present and future of BunkerLove or to simply HANG OUT.

Andrew Zealey will bring some leftover paint from his work for BunkerLove in 2014 ‘life’s a beach/ highlights’, so we can play with that, and we will bring chalk and you are in general welcome to bring stuff that assist creativity. Children are of course very welcome too…

Anja Korsgaard and Nanna Thorhauge have opted to continue to work with the BunkerLove web site to express the new reality as an art project and will be present and open to input in regard to this task.

We will bring some drinks but please bring food and drinks for yourself if you wish to be on the safe side.
Hope to see you on the beach!

BunkerLove closes as an association and opens as an art project

Since 2012 the BunkerLove Association hosted 6 festivals in Furreby, Hirtshals and Grønhøj, and many more events and openings in North Denmark. The Chris Brock Photography series from 2013 entitled ‘Something’s Rotten in the State of Denmark’ was at 4 very nice locations; Nordkraft, Jammerbugt city hall, Hjørring Library and Museum center Hanstholm. Material sponsorships and cash for a million Danish kroner from Kulturpunkt 2013, Kulturkanten, Hjørring Kommune, Jammerbugt kommune, Aalborg University, Cembrit, Sadolin and many more, have been split into countless small chunks and into a lot of interesting work for a lot of people.

The artworks and performances created for the BunkerLove festivals have been incredible and make representatives stand very strong.

One of the major challenges for BunkerLove’s board has been and is to use our own as well as the forces of members and of good ideas, in a sustainable way.

We have decided to cancel this year’s festival, pay back the contribution from Hjørring municipality, Mads Mouritz is in a dialogue with the Danish Arts Foundation in regards to the concert means he’s obtained, and instead we will just meet and say hello on July 16 at 15 o’clock in the approximate middle of the bunker battery in Furreby…

The transformation of BunkerLove is to work through cells and representatives and to not have a coordinating board. BunkerLove will no longer hold a VAT number and a bank account. There is still plenty of opportunity to cooperate, to be a team and to work with professional financing, only it will not be the association but the parties involved who share and bear responsibility. Planning of BunkerLove Festivals can be done single-handed (with or without money), as well as with culture partners in the local community, region or state, or possibly more likely with established museums and associations who may even handle finances as part of their acts.


Looking ahead, ‘members’ can be representatives of BunkerLove in different contexts, areas or places. There are no requirements other than a common goal to transform the bunkers into works of art in the name of peace and love. Representatives have no obligations other than to invite each other through Facebook and/or website for public events which BunkerLove is part of, preferably in a reasonable time frame.

We will gather at least once a year to value and evaluate the condition of BunkerLove and to set a date and place of the next meetup. Statutes and framework will be changed to the new agreement and together with the artistic project will form the base of our meetups. The first meetup will be July 16 at 15 o’clock in the middle of the bunker battery in Furreby near Løkken, where everyone is welcome.

We welcome transformation and look forward to the beach trip on July 16 at 15 o’clock.

Musical BunkerLove Festival 2016 – Mark the dates

It is a pleasure to share some good news about the BunkerLove Festival 2016:

  • The musical program for BunkerLove Festival 2016 has amazingly been secured by the association’s music booker Mads Mouritz! He has been granted support from the Danish Arts Foundation, to finance a minimum of 4 concerts. The support is conditioned by a payment option, which we expect to be volunteer, as we are in public space. Your ideas for a creative format are welcome. THANKS:


Statens Kunstfond

  • To our great liking the municipality of Hjørring continues the support of the BunkerLove Festival and further encourages collaboration with other events, which we will elaborate when we can.

Hjørring kommune

The board works to make clear and to communicate the framework for participation. A discussion about the format, finances and the roles of artists, volunteers and visitors are also on the agenda for the general assembly on March 17th at 17-19 and at an Info meeting for all interested parties on March 30 from 19-21. Both meetings are held at Platform 4 in Aalborg. We hope you’ll note the dates and also note

BunkerLove Festival 2016 is to be held in Furreby on July 15-16

These are a Friday and a Saturday, and we expect that Friday and the week up until the festival there will be working artists on the beach and full-blown festival come Saturday.

BunkerLove wish you a happy new year with this teaser from the BunkerLove festivals in 2014. The video is created by Miko Lewandowski and the Furreby part is filmed by Trevor Jensen. It has music by The Liberty Balance: Calling on Rebels.

To a 2016 filled with bunkers of love! Sweet sixteen!