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Lars Ditlev Johansen in performance in relation to Erik Peitersens floating bunker, Furreby. Photo by Chris Brock

Participating video artists Miko Lewandowski with help from Trevor Jensen are creating the festival documentation for 2014, which can be experienced on Vimeo.

From ‘Together in small spaces‘ in the Dome of Visions in Copenhagen, experience

Follow for more videos.

Chris Brock‘s photo report on Facebook

Transcendens Dilettante, Furreby. Photo by Chris Brock

A deepfelt thank you very much to all artists and participants and helpers in every shape and form! Thanks for the beautiful works and original performances and for sharing yourselves with the bunkers in this truly unique way.

The Annual General Assembly for BunkerLove 2015 will be at Platform4 in Karolinelund, Aalborg on Saturday, February 21. We will be back with time and agenda. Your thoughts and words are welcome

Happy New Year


Andrew Zealey working on ‘highlights/ life’s a beach’, Furreby. Photo by Chris Brock

Together in small spaces

Sandro Masai at BunkerLove Festival 2014 in Furreby

Sandro Masai performing ‘My Body Your Room’ for the BunkerLove Festival 2014 in Furreby. Sandro will be dancing in the Dome of Visions in Copenhagen this Saturday (around 22 in the evening)! Portrayed by Chris Brock.


Together in small spaces
BunkerLove exhibition in the Dome of Visions, Copenhagen, August 16-18

Please join the opening of ‘Together in small spaces’ which will feature My Body Your Room, a dance performance by Sandro Masai, which was created for the searchlight bunker at Furreby beach for BunkerLove Festival 2014.
Christian Skjødt who created Inversion for the same bunker last year will create soundscapes and Edit Vizer whose work Tilted was presented in Furreby last year will present her new interactive installation. There will also be a book show, poetry, photography and perhaps magic..

The exhibit opens on Saturday 16 August at 17:00 and will be running until 23:00.
It will be open until Monday the 18th from 10:00 – 16:00. Admission is free.
Address: next to the Black Diamond library, Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, 1016 København K

‘Together in small spaces’ is curated and coordinated by Aga and Miko who participated in the BunkerLove festival in 2013 with their collaborative video installation Akurat.

Tak Hjørring Kommune
Thank you to Hjørring Municipality for making the event possible and thank you to Dome of visions for allowing us to use their premises.


Inge Tranter with boots made for walking. Portrayed by Chris Brock

Inge Tranter with boots from the work ‘Walk the mile’, portrayed by Chris Brock at the BunkerLove Festival 2014 in Hirtshals

BunkerLove at the Culture Meeting
BunkerLove will also be present at the public event arranged by the Region of North Denmark ‘Kulturmødet’, which will be held in Nykøbing Mors on the island of Mors from 21-23 August starting at 14:00. BunkerLove will be showing the following artworks:

Thank you Landshape, KulturKANten and Hjørring Municipality for making our participation possible.

Learn more about Kulturmødet


Liberty Balance til BunkerLove Festival - foto af Cathrine Ertmann

The Liberty Balance in concert for the BunkerLove Festival 2014 in Furreby – also check out Mads Mouritz who gave a concert too. Photo: Cathrine Ertmann

A huge and heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful artists and partners and volunteers who created and still create beautiful, thought-provoking and original artworks for the bunkers of the Atlantic Wall, and who contributed to unforgettable festivals in sunny Hirtshals and rainy Furreby. You are amazing!

The BunkerLove board will be meeting up in the early autumn to discuss current resources and decide what is next. We would like to thank those of you who have written to us with ideas and offers of help and we will endeavour to include your input and to respond appropriately.

With gratitude


BunkerLove Free Festival Sunday 13 July 2014 15.00-22.00

On Sunday 13th July 2014 BunkerLove will be holding the BunkerLove Free Festival on the beach in Furreby near Løkken. All events are free and everyone is welcome.

There will be transport from the boat rescue station (where there are also toilet facilities 800m from the festival area) at the end of Nordre Strandvej at 14.45 and 17.00. Attached are our map and program for the day.

Bunkerlove2014-furreby-handout copy.indd Bunkerlove2014-furreby-handout copy.indd


Louise Kristensen

louise-kristensen-chrisbrock-loekken2014Louise portrayed by Chris Brock after the BunkerLove Festival 2014 in Furreby

For BunkerLove 2014 Louise Kristensen wrote Leviathans Ryttere (Riders of Leviathan) which was published in web magazine (april 2014) Reflex p. 12 (and p.13-14), by poetklubben 57º Nord.

The text was the point of departure for her performance at the BunkerLove Festival 2014 in Furreby. Since march 2014 Louise Kristensen has been a part of the BunkerLove board and can be reached at She collected the poets, authors and musical sidekicks for the grande poetic program of BunkerLove Festival 2014 in Furreby.

The essay ”Om at hele såret efter Anden Verdenskrig med kunst og kærlighed” (About healing the wound from WWII with art and love) was the result of Louise’s visit to the BunkerLove Festival 2013 in Hirtshals. Essay: Om at hele såret (pdf)

Louise Kristensen, b. 1974 in Himmerland, now lives in Copenhagen. Writes poetry and prose. Published: “Syltede små skorpioner” (small pickled scorpions) (Jorinde & Joringel). Novels “Mod solnedgangen” (against the sunset) (Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag, 2014). Publishes in Danish at


highlights (life’s a beach)

lifes-a-beach-azby Andrew Zealey for the Free BunkerLove festival 13th july 2014:

After 70 years of lashings from the harsh north sea, howling winds and rain and sand – like a million cat-o-nine-tails – these bunkers have paid their price. They are no longer the sentinals of evil. They are the reminders of an evil regime where one man’s madness can take over the world. This MUST not EVER happen again. We MUST work together. Stand side by side. For no one is better or worse than the next, and we need  to try to understand our enemies.

Today these bunkers are oozing out white calcium deposits from deep witin their core. They are being cleansed by nature from within their own building blocks. These white deposits have created patterns that somehow remind me of my paintings. I aim to ‘highlight’ these purgings with organic paint mixed with buttermilk and eggs. These ‘highlights’ will disappear gradually, depending on the weather and mother nature. My mark making aims to enlighten the healing process already taking place.

Nature’s power can heal all wounds of war and oppression given enough time but only if we nurture and not abuse her.


Rainbow BunkerLove in Hirtshals Sunday 6 July 2014

BunkerLove Hirtshals is upon us, and we have an action-packed line-up of works and events:
Here is our program for the day:

15:00 Welcome from BunkerLove

15.05 Opening speech by Else Marie Bukdahl

15.40 “Ruth” dance with Sigrid Norheim – on top of Bunker 42

16.30 Piano concert with Dominik Blasko Bunker 62

17.00 Guided tour with Vendsyssel Historiske Museum*

18.00 “Ruth” dance with Sigrid Norheim – on top of Bunker 42

18.30 Guitar performance by Ole Tersløse Jensen Madpakkehuset

19.00 Guided tour with Vendsyssel Historisk Museum*

19.10 Piano concert with Dominik Blasko Bunker 62
19.30 “Ruth” dance with Sigrid Norheim – on top of Bunker 42

21.00 Guided tour by lamplight with Vendsyssel Historiske Museum*

21.20 Piano concert with Dominik Blasko

19-22 DJ Bjarke Rønnow at madpakkehuset

All events are free

Platform 4 will be serving drinks from their scaffolding bar.

Thomas Abildgaard will be serving gourmet coffees and teas.

Cafe Fisk from Tversted will be serving fish frikadelles with bread.

The cafe at the lighthouse is also open for light refreshments and ice cream.

* Guided tours start at the parking lot.


We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Lighthouse, Fyret 2, 9850  Hirtshals. Map



Rainbow BunkerLove Festival

Bunkerlove14_Flyer_ENRainbow BunkerLove Festival is the first festival in the BunkerLove season this year and it is filled to the brim with art, music and all kinds of surprises. All events are free and everyone is welcome to join us.

Vendsyssel Historical Museum will be providing tours of the bunkers and the artworks at 17.00, 19.00 and 21.00 (the last tour is by lantern light) but you are also free to walk around the bunker complex and discover the works for yourselves.

There will be a dance performance by Sigrid Norheim Ørntoft in collaboration with Marit Benthe Norheim for her work “Ruth“, a woman who experienced first hand the cruelty of the Nazi regime as a child of a German policeman. Marit Benthe Norheim will occupy the interior of the same bunker with her figurehead and film about Ruth. The piece is part of the Life-Boats project.

Dominik Blasko will be in another bunker with a piano concert. Meile Sposmanyte‘s powerful sound installation from 2013, 111 Buddhas can be experienced again in the ammunition bunker. Cathrine Ertmann will be turning the world outside her bunker upside down. And Anja Korsgaard will provide a tree for sinners to hang their penance on in the form of apples and hearts made of bunker concrete.

There will also be an opportunity to go down to the beach below the bunkers and Walk the Mile with Inge Tranter’s public participation piece involving 100 pairs of customised military boots. You can also make your own pair of boots and take them down to the beach to try them out.

Peter Max-Jakobsen‘s work Chronometer transforms a bunker into a porcupine-like structure, using the shifting coastal light to create a play of light and shadow.

Also cleared out and rediscovered is the Bunker Secret Site, which, although damaged, can now be viewed again. The work dates from 1995 and contains a secret chamber with something inside. All will be revealed in 2045, one hundred years after the end of WWII, but for now we will just have to keep guessing.

British photographer Chris Brock, who documented the festival last year with some unforgettable images, will be joining us again this year.

If you want to try your hand at a little photography yourself, poet and artist Kasper Anthoni will be supplying a DIY hole in the head board that you can take photos of yourself and friends in.

As the sun starts to wane there will be music from Ole Tersløse and Bjarke Rønnow from Platform 4 will be our DJ until the festival closes at 22.00.

Cafe Fisk in Tversted will be supplying fishcakes and rye bread from their “dellevogn” and Thomas Abildgaard will be there with his gourmet coffee stand where you can purchase coffee, tea, and cakes. Platform 4 will be supplying drinks from their scaffolding bar and the lighthouse cafe will be also be open during the day for refreshments and ice cream.

Please join us for another wonderful day transforming the bunkers of the Atlantic Wall.

Festival flyer, the program page here and the Facebook event.

BunkerLove Festival 2014 is financed by KulturKANten & Hjørring municipality

Thomas Dahl – Sine Qua Non

Thomas-SineQuaNonHow differerent are we from one another when it comes down to it?
The German soldiers manning the bunkers on the Danish north sea coast during  WW II must have missed their loved ones, their friends and all those they cared about just as we do when separated from them for more than a few days. Can we find the common human traits that connect those soldiers and ourselves?

Explore the bunker to find out!

Sine Qua Non is a work that challenges and requires the audience to explore the depths of a bunker and their own inner self in order to put pictures, experiences and names on those that matters the most to us and for whom without life would be dull and meaningless and then try to take those emotions created therein and connect them to the past by imagining what it must have been like to be a german soldier far away from home, friends, family and loved ones. A guestbook for those who wants to share their thoughts on the subject will be present in the bunker and its content will later be published.

Thomas Dahl was born in 1973 in Aalborg, Denmark, works daily helping retired citizens and others, that for various reasons can’t themselves, with cleaning and doing their laundry. This is his first attempt at a public art project, and it will be at Free BunkerLove Festival in Furreby 13 July, 2014. It will be located in the former Gold Tooth by Erik Peitersen. The sand in the bunker needs some moving around ahead of the festival, and you are welcome to contact or, if you’d like to help out.

BunkerLove in Hanstholm



Tuesday 24 June there will be a BunkerLove opening at the Museum Center Hanstholm where ten of Chris Brock’s portraits from BunkerLove 2013 will be on show until 31 July.

At the opening, which starts 24 June at 16.00, there will be free entry to the museum and we will continue to work on Inge Tranter’s military boot installation, “Walk the Mile”, which will be a part of the ongoing festival series in Hirtshals 6 July and Furreby 13 July. We will also be showing “Ein Stern” and “A Mare” by Marcelo Felix in the cinema of the museum, and dramatist Marie Vibe will hold a bonfire speech without a bonfire, to celebrate Midsummer Nights Eve.

Place and time: Museum center Hanstholm from 24 June – 31 July
Vernissage: 24 June at 16.00
Directions to the museum.

Walk The Mile – Workshop at Om:Form culture ferry

Aalborg Regatta Plakat_red 2The production of Inge Tranter’s collaborative art work Walk the Mile starts today at Culture ferry Om:Form, which is located near the Utzon center during Aalborg Regatta. BunkerLove’s benefactor KulturKANten supports the project, and Enggaard is contributing a lot of sand, which is a part of the art work.

Inge’s text about Walk The Mile.

Anja Korsgaard bidrager her til Den Ekstra Mil på kulturfærgen om:form

Anja Korsgaard yesterday started transforming the boots at the culture ferry in Aalborg. Anja is a part of BunkerLoves board and participates with the work Ondskyld/ Be yond guilt in Hirtshals on 6 July, where you can also Walk the Mile on the Hirtshals beach.

Walk the Mile – by Inge Tranter

Inge Tranter with boots made for walking. Portrayed by Chris Brock

Inge Tranter with boots made for walking an extra mile. Portrayed by Chris Brock

In English, the expression “to go the extra mile” means to go above and beyond the call of duty, to make an extra effort to ensure that something succeeds. The expression comes from the Sermon on the Mount in the bible, where Jesus says to his followers: “Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two.” In biblical times, Roman law stipulated that soldiers were allowed to force civilians into carrying their (very heavy) equipment for one Roman mile (81.473 metres). This practice was called “impressment” and was originally practiced in Persia before being adopted by the Romans. The expression is also closely related to the concept of “don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes” to develop and cultivate empathy and understanding. Empathy is the ability to literally experience the world from another person’s perspective; to walk in their shoes, to view life from their living conditions and to feel what it feels like to be that person.

Jesus’s message was one of peace and reconciliation in the service of the fellow man, regardless of whether the relationship was one of friend or foe. The project taps into processes such as the Peace and Reconciliation process in South Africa in the wake of the ending of Apartheid and similar processes designed to promote transition from societies with internal conflicts and injustices to stable democracies. These processes are attempts to resolve conflicts left over from the past and break the cycle of former enmities in societies, undertaking a process of transitional justice which strives to address human rights abuses, establish reparations, create memorials and settle past accounts without derailing the establishment of a stable and democratic society, allowing former enemies to live in peace together.

The project is a collaborative process. Members of the public are invited to create their own design on the soles of a pair of used military boots. Linoleum, glue and tools to cut and carve will be provided so that participants can customise their own pair of boots. This took place on board the cultural ferry OM:FORM in the afternoon of 21 June during the Aalborg Regatta and at the Museum Center Hanstholm at 16 on 24 June. These customised boots were then moved to the beaches of the BunkerLove festivals in Hirtshals, 6 July and Furreby, 13 July and participants there were invited to put on a pair of boots and walk two Roman miles (which is roughly one mile by today’s definition of a mile – 1.63 km). The soles of the boots will “impress” the message of the creators of the boots in the sand of the beach, creating a mile of land art messages of peace and reconciliation created by strangers. The artwork is a part of our ongoing “Peace Army” project.” The boots are also part of BunkerLove’s exhibition at Kulturmødet Mors, taking place in Nykøbing Mors, August 21-23, and supported by the Land Art project Landshape.

More about Inge here and

The BunkerLove Summer

Hi everyone

We are very pleased to be able to offer 5 BunkerLove events in collaboration with a wide range of partners:

On Saturday 21 June on the OM:FORM Cultural Ferry there will be a workshop with military boots – Walk the Mile – by Inge Tranter as well as an exhibition of Chris Brock’s portrait series, “Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark”, from the 2013 BunkerLove festival. The exhibition is staged in collaboration with a major North Denmark regional land art initiative LAND SHAPE, in connection with the Aalborg Regatta (16-22 June). Come and join us in making footprints in the sand. Marie Bjerg will be there as a voluntary assistant at the festival.

Tuesday 24 June there will be a BunkerLove opening at the Museum Center Hanstholm where Chris Brock’s portraits from BunkerLove 2013 will be on show until 31 July. At the opening, which starts at 16.00, there will be free entry to the museum and we will continue to work on Inge Tranter’s military boot installation, “Walk the Mile”, which will be a part of the ongoing festival series. We will also be showing “Ein Stern” and “A Mare” by Marcelo Felix, and dramatist Marie Vibe will hold a bonfire speech without a bonfire, to celebrate Midsummer Nights Eve.

The exhibition is a collaboration with the Museum Center Hanstholm – and is a replacement for the planned Diaspora festival, which we were planning to hold on 20 July, but were unfortunately forced to cancel. We are, however, very pleased with the programs that have materialised for the festivals in Hirtshals and Furreby and that KulturKanten and Hjørring municipality are supporting the activities there.

See the programs for

Hirtshals 6 JulyRAINBOW BunkerLove Festival

Furreby 13 July FREE BunkerLove Festival


In mid-August BunkerLove will also be coming to Copenhagen in the Dome of Visions with the title “Together in Small Spaces”. Aga P. Mlynczak will be curating a BunkerLove exhibition there.

We hope that you enjoy the activities and we look forward to hearing from you.

We also attach the minutes of our AGM in March here (Danish) and apologise for the delay in getting them out to everyone. We are also sorry about a mess with our BunkerLove emails, we have dropped them in favour of individual email addresses now. Our Articles of Association and the contact details of the members of the board are on the website and we will be updating a list of press contacts.

We have flyers and posters on the way, which Mikolaj Lewandowski and Viola Heyn-Johnsen have been responsible for. The image on the poster is from the series “Rainbow People”, a collaboration between Michael Richardt Petersen and Chris Brock. We look forward to sharing them with you.

Best wishes


Thank you KulturKANten & Hjørring Municipality

KulturKANten Hjørring Kommune

Thank you very much to our benefactor KulturKANten, which is a collaboration between the 11 North Denmark municipalities, the North Denmark Region and the Danish Culture Agency. KulturKANten is supporting BunkerLove 2014 with DKK 190.000, and with those we can invite you to very promising festivals in the Hirtshals bunkers and in Furreby ved Løkken.

The municipality of Hjørring further supports us with DKK 100.000 for project-related expenses – we are very grateful.

You are very welcome to sign up for our newsletter here.

Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark – Hjørring

Chris Brock Exhibition, Hjørring Library

Information på dansk om udstillingen på Hjørring Biblioteks hjemmeside. Her ses Chris Brocks portrætter af Erik Peitersen, Edit E. Vizer & Christian Skjødt.

Our Chris Brock Photo exhibition with portraits from BunkerLove 2013 is on display at Hjørring Library in February, Monday-Friday from 9-18 and Saturday from 9-15.

The 10 portraits which Andrew Zealey selected are placed in a circle (inside/ outside) connected to remains from Inge Tranter’s lovely ‘Cottage for Yemanja’, something extra to remember the flower bunker and festival series by. Inside it is our presentation film and guestbook.

The Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark photo exhibition will move to exciting (floating?) venues in Aalborg and Hanstholm in June and July. We have ideas for spring time too, but it’s more fun with collaborators, so don’t hesitate if you have ideas for where to take the exhibition next. Please write or here.

Don’t forget to follow Chris Brock’s blog, everything looks better with him.

When a bunker dreams

It is an honour to share A Mare – a new short film created by Marcelo Felix. We hope you enjoy it. The film experiments with a certain mood and language and is connected to When a Bunker Dreams…

Marcelo Felix inspired BunkerLove’s art project and A Mare is a follow-up to his short film Ein Stern. See film notes for more details.

Marcelo Felix lives and works in Lisbon. See the trailer for his award-winning film Eden’s Ark (A Arca Do Éden) or read more about the film.

A Mare and Ein Stern were created for the BunkerLove 2013 festival series, and more films will follow. Do enjoy.