On 1st of May we Spray it Away

Spray Away with BunkerLove :)Alternative May 1 with Bunker Love

Spray-Away removes Gold Tooth with sea water in the gun on May 1 at Furreby beach. The Spray cloud is quite a vision, and we would like to share that with you on the international labour day.

We meet by Gold Tooth on Wednesday May 1st at 13 (driving directions). Program is this:

There will be musical assistance (tba) and singing, and we will play with ‘reverse graffiti‘ …

Participating artist Sandro Masai will experiment with Augmented Reality and the junaio app. as preparations for the summer’s bunker transformations, so hopefully there will be an interesting sight to follow up with after the event, here too.

We hope to see you!

Gold Tooth on Vimeo

The making and presentation of gilded WWII bunker Gold Tooth (Guldtand) by Erik Peitersen at BunkerLove’s pilot project festival in Furreby by the Danish West coast, July 2012.
Thank you Sadolin!
Material Sponsor: Sadolin – Let’s Colour
Co-painters: Lars Ditlev Johansen, Kaare Bjørn Vad, Marie Bjerg, Christina Roholm Bruun, Janne Fonda, Nikkie Breinholt Dahm, Nanna Thorhauge

Photos: Janne Fonda Graphics: Viola Heyn-Johnsen Production by me and set without rights to Savoy Truffle by the Beatles (wouldn’t mind a tailor-made, legal composition, if you have one, please!).

Binding a Bunker Bouquet

bunker by LøkkenVery happy to start sharing the work of these fine individuals, envisioned to take part in BunkerLove 2013:

Collecting to share more of their work, and will soon present further adventurous artists to these pages. For rough idea about BunkerLove 2013, please see newsletter.

Active citizens on the way

Alex og Sean flankeret af Erik. Christina, Marie og Nikkie ovenpå bunkeren.

Godsend helpers Alex and Sean with Erik Peitersen. Saviours Marie, Nikkie and Christina in the background.

Only one time during the whole making of BunkerLove did I sense that Nikkie had serious doubts about the event. This was on July 15 at around 14… the day of the festival. There was a stiff breeze, the cars got stuck in the sand, the bar had gotten lost on it’s way from Aarhus and didn’t have 4 wheel-drive and the sand storm was seriously threatening to ruin the expensive music gear that we were borrowing. Despite delicious help, we couldn’t make the main generator work.

ONE time… I was on the beach running around. Nikkie was loading the car again and running around in Løkken. She called me and said that we shouldn’t force things, that it might not be sane to carry through. I sank. I knew she was right. Nature is powerful, this was a very risky affair. In some strange way I felt that we’d already succeeded… Being overpowered by Nature is really no shame. I took the weather conditions as a message… I called my mother and said she shouldn’t drive (she had Nikkie’s car while we took her 4WD to its max, and I knew it couldn’t make it through the sand), I knew there would be no time and 4WD to pick them up. I walked over to Mikael K,Klondyke in a sand storm he was a bit frustrated, rightfully worried about the gear, yet preparing the Klondyke concert, and I used Nikkie’s words: ‘you know we have no insurance’, I said, ‘nothing should be forced through…’. Mikael stared in disbelief and responded: ‘What do you mean?’. An answer that made me all warm and fuzzy inside. My mother made it there too.

Nikkie unloading my mum's 4wdI had doubts in my own ideas about what I can and can’t do on the first day of priming the bunker that became Gold Tooth. We had gathered a beautiful crew to assist Erik, and we had promised to get rid of some sand on the roof of the bunker ahead of that. I’d said to Nikkie that I’d easily remove the sand, which I thought of as an overgrown ant hill. She would fix other things and come back with the team when we were ready to paint. So, we brought the tools and a wheelbarrow and Nikkie left… When I got on top of the bunker with my shovel I quickly realized that this was a mountain of sand, not an ant hill. Sand is very heavy… And there was no way I could get the wheelbarrow up on the roof through the narrow staircase. After… I don’t know… an hour, perhaps only half, of invisible work, and me in disbelief with myself, 2 boys popped up asking what I was doing. I explained and they decided to help. They turned out to be scouts, and figured out a very clever way to make a hoist to get the wheelbarrow up on the roof. They also helped shovelling. In fact they were so eager that at some point I got worried they’d fall down (not rational, they were super capable, I know, but…) – again the lack of insurance made me suggest that they checked for stuff inside the bunker and we’d make an exhibit of what they found. Here it is.

As you can see on the picture it took even more help to fulfill the task. I could barely lift my arms as I photographed the incredibly sweet and Godsend boys, Alex and Sean with their findings, and a beautiful crew of active citizens, Marie, Nikkie, Christina, Janne, and Erik arrived to make everything great again.

Mikael K and Klondyke and Nikkie have life in the outskirts, ‘Northern Jutland on the edge / Nordjylland på (ud)kanten‘ up for debate tomorrow at Aalborg main Library. This makes me very happy.


Danish band Nephew made an ode to the North Sea named Hjertestarter (Vææææsterhav, kom nu og blæs mig i gang) and recorded their music video right where the BunkerLove festival was held (their mike). The song is about being deaf, dumb and blind and in need of the stormy ocean to get blown away. Tear down the old and useless to make room for more salt, more malt, more zest to the whole thing.

“Do you know a cure for me?”

“Why yes,” he said, “I know a cure for everything. Salt water.”

“Salt water?” I asked him.

“Yes,” he said, “in one way or the other. Sweat, or tears, or the salt sea.”

/Karen Blixen, Seven Gothic Tales

The BunkerLove speech by Lars Ditlev Johansen

Playwright and actor Lars Ditlev Johansen’s exquisite BunkerLove speech in Danish. Thank you for caring and sharing, Lars!

The bunkers are nothing in themselves. We approach them with humble steps and reverence. Afraid to wake the monster, because what if we woke up the little man with the weird moustache and the uncontrollable urge to raise his right hand and name himself “der Führer”. The demons are there in our own lives, perhaps in other forms and they grow meaner from being ignored. Let spirituality move us into our collective darkness to pull out the monsters and smother them with love and light.

2 down, 13998 to go?

festival picturesWe did it while The Sea demonstrated its enormous powers in a crazy strong breeze. We’re at it! And happy to have drawn some attention to what we feel is great art: Gold Tooth by Erik Peitersen, in a beautiful collaboration with volunteers and Nature, and Slow-wave Sleep by Inge Tranter and Meile Sposmanyte. Lars Ditlev Johansen, Klondyke and DJ Siri did wonders and rocked our world in the sand storm and we’re immensely grateful for the love and stamina demonstrated. So many people to thank

First portion of photos from BunkerLove festival 2012 – more soon.

Today’s program

We’ll be moving around some sand today, and testing some sound, and get all sweaty before our bunker beach party starts at 16.

Program starts strictly at 16
Bunkerloving Welcome
Speech by Lars Ditlev Johansen
Slow-wave Sleep – presentation by Inge Tranter & Meile Sposmanyte
Gold Tooth – presentation by Erik Peitersen

17.30 Klondyke

We leave the rest to
DJ Siri
Fairbar (cash and credit card accepted)

And you…

Supposively sunny all day with some wind, so bring your bathing suit, a sweater and hat, and blankets to sit on. We’ll treat you to the little drinks we have, Fairbar sells drinks and you are free to bring your own food and drinks.
Please note that nearest toilets are 800 m along the beach towards Løkken.

It’s great to park away from the beach, beware of the aesthetics and the tide.

Keep the beach completely clean
We will collect the thrash ourselves, so please make it easy by minimising trash and use the trash bins and blue bucket ashtrays that we’ve put up.

The Furreby bunkers are located a little North of Løkken and can be accessed through the Beach roads from Nordre Strandvej in Løkken (go right when facing sea). Furreby bunkers can also be reached from Nørre Lyngby and through stairs from Furreby if you’re walking (go left when facing sea). Driving directions in Danish

See our most recent newsletter for practical information and sign up for news to hear how we roll on from here….

Rain Rules – Our festival will be dry

When BunkerLove opens at 16 tomorrow, it will be with a freshly painted Gold Tooth by Erik Peitersen. The rain demonstrated its powers this week where Erik and a team of volunteer assistants witnessed how the shine of gold paint can be messed with by a couple of heavy showers. As opposed to the past week, tomorrow should be dry, sunny and windy, and so that’s when we paint. Just in time for the gold to harden, so the gilded bunker can be used as BunkerLovers see fit. Thank you again to Sadolin, for being a great material sponsor.

Gold Tooth by Erik Peitersen - the process

Gold Tooth in the making and rain


An army marches on its stomach…

.. claimed Napoleon Bonaparte, and we agree on more than one level. We are happy that Århus-based Fairbar supports BunkerLove, by driving their movable bar named Flytbar på Facebook (Move bar/ movable in Danish) to sell delicious organic beers, coffee and snacks from their pictoresque café on wheels for our pilot festival. Like Bunkerlove, Fairbar is based on volunteer work and profits go to international relief work. In other words, you can spend your money on drinks with a great conscience.

Gold Tooth – Erik Peitersen for BunkerLove

Erik Peitersen on the Gold Tooth to be

We are thrilled and excited to announce that Erik Peitersen will contribute to BunkerLove with a spectacular Gold Tooth. We are completely confident to promise a small miracle in the shape of a gilded bunker in between the rotten teeth of our joint history. In gums of sand it will rise as a subtle comment to the unconsciousness with which we accept symbols of war and irrational stupidity. Erik introduces a new way of landscape painting that changes expression as often as the light, the dark, the tide and the people surrounding it.

Peitersen brings to BunkerLove his wish to portray the constant change, beauty and brutality, the deconstructive powers’ symbiotic balance with the accidental sublimation and transformation. An attempt to capture the merging of before, now and after in one go.

Materials for Gold Tooth is generously sponsored by Sadolin (Let’s Colour), and Erik will introduce it his very own way at Bunkerlove’s first festival, this Sunday July 15. Thank you Sadolin, and THANK YOU Erik – your work is a dream come true for BunkerLove!

’Slow-wave Sleep’ – Inge Tranter & Meile Sposmanyte for BunkerLove

Inge Tranter in a bunker tunnelWe are pleased to announce that multimedia artists Inge Tranter and Meile Sposmanyte have responded to the small niches in the bunkers, the tunnels, holes, nooks and crannies and the dark, secret spaces contained within the imposing solidity of the constructions.

”In these small, crooked spaces, some of which have become squeezed and diminished by the sinking and tilting of the bunkers as they descend into the sand, there is a vulnerability, and the dimensions of the human being.

This tilting is like the tilting of the body in the sleep process. Somewhere between the states of wakefulness and sleep, between the conscious and the unconscious. The state of sleep is akin to the state of occupation, where the mind and body are no longer completely in control. They function, but on a very limited, impotent level, dreaming of action, but unable to effect it. This is much like the state of a country under occupation, where the day to day activities still take place, but in the control of an occupying force. The bunkers are a potent symbol of this occupying force.

The title refers to the deep sleep stage of the sleep cycle as well as to the waves that lap around the bunkers and move them inexorably into the ocean and towards their obliteration.”

Their work for the bunker will consist of a projection of a person in a state of restless sleep. This will be projected onto the far wall of a small tunnel which was once part of one of the bunkers, but which has become slightly detached from the bunker itself.

We are very grateful to Inge Tranter and Meile Sposmanyte for participating in BunkerLove 2012… THANK YOU.

Lars Ditlev Johansen for BunkerLove

On track - by Lars Ditlev Johansen

“Sometimes we feel like corpses, washed up on a remote beach. Bodies feel like an unmanageable mass of deadweight and every step like an endless wandering through blame and self-loathing. We fucked up, a faceless demon forced us… With BunkerLove we turn around and face the beast. Together and separately, we rise towards the sun, with our shades intact. Seems to be worth a celebration. See you July 15.”

These are the voluptuous words of theater director, writer and actor Lars Ditlev Johansen. We are completely delighted that he has agreed to share his thoughts on facing one’s demons at our first BunkerLove Festival on July 15. Can’t wait!

Lars has been an actor and theater director since 1987 and recently made his debut as a playwright too. His well-received piece På sporet (On track) played at Nordkraft last fall and the image above is from the play. Photo by Anne Mette Welling. THANK YOU, Lars <3

Mikael K for BunkerLove ♫

“I am sick and tired of hearing about the Danish outskirts as ‘a rotten banana’, if anything it’s a ‘cultural banana’, and Bunkerlove sets that image on fire! I shot a video in the Furreby area, this place must be visited and seen, and what better context than one that flips the gloomy images of the bunkers. I am on this bandwagon 100%”

says Danish singer and songwriter Mikael K of Klondyke. We are THRILLED that he will play at the Bunkerlove Festival chill on July 15… Mark your calendar, and stay tuned!

‘I mit Nirvana’ (My Nirvana) is the opening track on Mikael K & Klondyke‘s most recent album: Udkantsland – sange fra skæve Danmark vol.1 (Fringe country – songs from crooked Denmark vol.1). THANK YOU!