Member survey result

In June we asked BunkerLove’s 88 members and then newsletter subscribers to fill out a questionnaire. It was made in an attempt to create a shared point of departure for BunkerLove’s transformation into an art project. Thank you for the 17 responses which are briefly commented in this PDF. The responses kick off a few new ‘to do’s’ which are collected at for those who wish to dive in. As with the artistic project the list is meant only as a guide.










BunkerLove closes as an association and opens as an art project

Since 2012 the BunkerLove Association hosted 6 festivals in Furreby, Hirtshals and Grønhøj, and many more events and openings in North Denmark. The Chris Brock Photography series from 2013 entitled ‘Something’s Rotten in the State of Denmark’ was at 4 very nice locations; Nordkraft, Jammerbugt city hall, Hjørring Library and Museum center Hanstholm. Material sponsorships and cash for a million Danish kroner from Kulturpunkt 2013, Kulturkanten, Hjørring Kommune, Jammerbugt kommune, Aalborg University, Cembrit, Sadolin and many more, have been split into countless small chunks and into a lot of interesting work for a lot of people.

The artworks and performances created for the BunkerLove festivals have been incredible and make representatives stand very strong.

One of the major challenges for BunkerLove’s board has been and is to use our own as well as the forces of members and of good ideas, in a sustainable way.

We have decided to cancel this year’s festival, pay back the contribution from Hjørring municipality, Mads Mouritz is in a dialogue with the Danish Arts Foundation in regards to the concert means he’s obtained, and instead we will just meet and say hello on July 16 at 15 o’clock in the approximate middle of the bunker battery in Furreby…

The transformation of BunkerLove is to work through cells and representatives and to not have a coordinating board. BunkerLove will no longer hold a VAT number and a bank account. There is still plenty of opportunity to cooperate, to be a team and to work with professional financing, only it will not be the association but the parties involved who share and bear responsibility. Planning of BunkerLove Festivals can be done single-handed (with or without money), as well as with culture partners in the local community, region or state, or possibly more likely with established museums and associations who may even handle finances as part of their acts.


Looking ahead, ‘members’ can be representatives of BunkerLove in different contexts, areas or places. There are no requirements other than a common goal to transform the bunkers into works of art in the name of peace and love. Representatives have no obligations other than to invite each other through Facebook and/or website for public events which BunkerLove is part of, preferably in a reasonable time frame.

We will gather at least once a year to value and evaluate the condition of BunkerLove and to set a date and place of the next meetup. Statutes and framework will be changed to the new agreement and together with the artistic project will form the base of our meetups. The first meetup will be July 16 at 15 o’clock in the middle of the bunker battery in Furreby near Løkken, where everyone is welcome.

We welcome transformation and look forward to the beach trip on July 16 at 15 o’clock.

Reality check through questionnaire

Dear friends of BunkerLove

The board of BunkerLove on May 5 made a decision to close down our association as a legal entity, and to rather continue as an art project on a person to person-basis.

We’ll have to change our statutes etc. to no longer reflect that there’s a group of coordinators to handle any administration and collective fundraising etc..

One week ago we asked our members for their opinion on our future direction and we are happy to now share the response and to also ask for everyone’s opinion.


Click here to see members’ response

Click here to start the questionnaire, please

Please note: the questionnaire is in English but feel free to answer in any language. A gmail or google account is needed to complete the survey, if you don’t have one but would like to be part of the survey you are welcome to answer these questions and email your input to

We’ll try to incorporate the input into direction and communication in the near future.

With BunkerLove

Invitation to Extraordinary General Assembly

On April 9 the board unanimously decided to invite to an extraordinary general assembly to decide on the chairman’s suggestion to close the association. The needed energy and motivation to work with BunkerLove as a legal entity, and to be responsible for the festival that was scheduled for mid July 2016, is no longer there.

The meeting is Thursday May 5 at 14 at Platform 4.

Proposal to close the association

  • Reasons for decision
  • Status on financial support
  • Cancellation process/-group
  • Vote

Any other business

After the meeting, Nanna will briefly share some thoughts about BunkerLove as a movement.

Info meeting CANCELLED

It is with regret that we have to cancel the previously announced info meeting which was scheduled to take place in Aalborg tomorrow evening. We still don’t have an overview of resources. We will return with new info.
The report from the general assembly is available in Danish in the previous blog post.

Invitation for Annual General Assembly

bunkerlove logo

The BunkerLove Association would like to invite you to the Annual General Assembly of 2016

Time and place

Thursday, March 17 at 17-19 (GMT +1)

Platform4, Karolinelundsvej 38-40, 9000 Aalborg


  • Annual Report from the board and others

-> Activities in 2015

-> New and continued collaborations

-> Walkthrough and approval of accounts

  • Changes to statutes and other incoming suggestions
  • Status on BunkerLove Festival 2016
  • Election of board and auditor.
  • Feedback, questions and ideas welcome

Proposals, including changes to our statutes, artistic project, or other input or suggestions for the agenda or beyond, can be emailed to If you wish to be a part of the board we also welcome an email from you ahead of the meeting.

We hope you will help shape the association’s future activity. It is free to join, please forward this invite if you know of people who might wish to participate.

We will be meeting again at Platform 4 on March 30 for a fully future-oriented meeting at 19 and we aim at having an overview of format and finances at this point.

With Love,


The Future

Dear friends

As you may have noticed, we have been rather quiet of late. We apologise for our silence and the delay in providing the minutes of our AGM, which can be now be found in Danish only. We have held two meetings since then, where a major point of discussion has been the creation of a cell structure for the future organisation of BunkerLove.

bl2015-celler-1 bl2015-celler-4

We have welcomed Niels Peter as a new member of the board of BunkerLove. Niels Peter, one of two managers at Platform 4 in Aalborg, is new to the board as our treasurer, but has been our amazingly practical and creative partner from the beginning of 2014. He has created the sketches above for a structure of BunkerLove in the future.

Our new board consists of Nikkie Dahm as chairperson, Inge Tranter as vice chairperson, Nanna Thorhauge and Anja Korsgaard as board members. Louise Kristensen and Lars Ditlev Johansen as substitutes and still curators for respectively the literary and drama parts of the festival in North Jutland. Of our outgoing boards members, Andi Debel and Gregers Kierkegaard are still our ambassadors in Copenhagen and Ellen Raunsmed in North Jutland. Thank you for the time and energy you have put into the board during your time with us.

BunkerLove will not be holding a festival in 2015, but we are planning a bumper festival in 2016. The break will provide time for us to organise and plan something more spectacular than our bunkers have ever seen before. Our forthcoming newsletters will be all about this in the coming year.

In the meantime, BunkerLove has been invited to participate in Region Nordjylland’s Land-Shape pilot festival in Hanstholm from 4-6 June. We are working on a program and more information will follow.

We would like to thank KulturKANten, Hjørring Municipality, LandShape and not least the many wonderful artists, members and individuals that have made BunkerLove possible. Thanks for all your help. We look forward to future collaborations and sharing more together.



From left: Anja, Inge, Nanna, Niels Peter, Nikkie


Best wishes

The board of BunkerLove

General assembly on Skype

If you wish to participate in the general assembly from afar then please write your skype address in an email to or as a comment, and we will call you on Saturday, 21 February at 13 (GMT+1) from Platform 4.

We are looking forward

Annual General Meeting 2015

Peter Max-Jakobsen on his work ‘Chronometer’ in the Hirtshals bunkers, 2014. Photo by Chris Brock

The BunkerLove Association would like to invite you to the Annual General Assembly

Time and place

Saturday February 21 at 13-15 (GMT +1)

Platform4, Karolinelundsvej 38-40, 9000 Aalborg


Sigrid Norheim Ørntoft dancing for Ruth, Hirtshals 2014. Photo by Chris Brock


1) Annual Report from the board and others

2) Evaluation of BunkerLove 2014

3) New and existing collaborations

4) BunkerLove’s purpose

5) Plan for BunkerLove 2015 (2016)

  • 6 present of a board of 9 at our last meeting decided to suggest that 2015 is for organisation and that the festival becomes bi-annual, biennale.
  • We’ve talked about work groups and more task-oriented collaboration, we’ve talked about alternatives to being an association.
  • Means of communication, what is it we want?

6) Approval of accounts. Election of board and auditor.

7) Feedback, questions and ideas welcome

Proposals, including changes to our statutes, input or suggestions for the agenda or beyond, can be emailed to

We hope you will help shape the association’s future activity. It is free to join, please forward this invite if you know of people who might wish to participate.

With Love,

Author Louise Kristensen after the BunkerLove Festival in Furreby near Løkken, 2014. Photo by Chris Brock

With some glimpses of the past

Anja Korsgaard Ondskyld/ Be yond guilt
Dominik Blasko playing piano in bunker 52
Sandro MasaiMy Body Your Room
Transcendens Dilettante – Frühstück Für Vögeln (the making of)
Christian Skjødt – Encapsulation
Edit Vizer – Woods
Chris Brock – photo report on Facebook

Together in small spaces

Sandro Masai at BunkerLove Festival 2014 in Furreby

Sandro Masai performing ‘My Body Your Room’ for the BunkerLove Festival 2014 in Furreby. Sandro will be dancing in the Dome of Visions in Copenhagen this Saturday (around 22 in the evening)! Portrayed by Chris Brock.


Together in small spaces
BunkerLove exhibition in the Dome of Visions, Copenhagen, August 16-18

Please join the opening of ‘Together in small spaces’ which will feature My Body Your Room, a dance performance by Sandro Masai, which was created for the searchlight bunker at Furreby beach for BunkerLove Festival 2014.
Christian Skjødt who created Inversion for the same bunker last year will create soundscapes and Edit Vizer whose work Tilted was presented in Furreby last year will present her new interactive installation. There will also be a book show, poetry, photography and perhaps magic..

The exhibit opens on Saturday 16 August at 17:00 and will be running until 23:00.
It will be open until Monday the 18th from 10:00 – 16:00. Admission is free.
Address: next to the Black Diamond library, Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, 1016 København K

‘Together in small spaces’ is curated and coordinated by Aga and Miko who participated in the BunkerLove festival in 2013 with their collaborative video installation Akurat.

Tak Hjørring Kommune
Thank you to Hjørring Municipality for making the event possible and thank you to Dome of visions for allowing us to use their premises.


Inge Tranter with boots made for walking. Portrayed by Chris Brock

Inge Tranter with boots from the work ‘Walk the mile’, portrayed by Chris Brock at the BunkerLove Festival 2014 in Hirtshals

BunkerLove at the Culture Meeting
BunkerLove will also be present at the public event arranged by the Region of North Denmark ‘Kulturmødet’, which will be held in Nykøbing Mors on the island of Mors from 21-23 August starting at 14:00. BunkerLove will be showing the following artworks:

Thank you Landshape, KulturKANten and Hjørring Municipality for making our participation possible.

Learn more about Kulturmødet


Liberty Balance til BunkerLove Festival - foto af Cathrine Ertmann

The Liberty Balance in concert for the BunkerLove Festival 2014 in Furreby – also check out Mads Mouritz who gave a concert too. Photo: Cathrine Ertmann

A huge and heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful artists and partners and volunteers who created and still create beautiful, thought-provoking and original artworks for the bunkers of the Atlantic Wall, and who contributed to unforgettable festivals in sunny Hirtshals and rainy Furreby. You are amazing!

The BunkerLove board will be meeting up in the early autumn to discuss current resources and decide what is next. We would like to thank those of you who have written to us with ideas and offers of help and we will endeavour to include your input and to respond appropriately.

With gratitude


Walk the Mile – by Inge Tranter

Inge Tranter with boots made for walking. Portrayed by Chris Brock

Inge Tranter with boots made for walking an extra mile. Portrayed by Chris Brock

In English, the expression “to go the extra mile” means to go above and beyond the call of duty, to make an extra effort to ensure that something succeeds. The expression comes from the Sermon on the Mount in the bible, where Jesus says to his followers: “Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two.” In biblical times, Roman law stipulated that soldiers were allowed to force civilians into carrying their (very heavy) equipment for one Roman mile (81.473 metres). This practice was called “impressment” and was originally practiced in Persia before being adopted by the Romans. The expression is also closely related to the concept of “don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes” to develop and cultivate empathy and understanding. Empathy is the ability to literally experience the world from another person’s perspective; to walk in their shoes, to view life from their living conditions and to feel what it feels like to be that person.

Jesus’s message was one of peace and reconciliation in the service of the fellow man, regardless of whether the relationship was one of friend or foe. The project taps into processes such as the Peace and Reconciliation process in South Africa in the wake of the ending of Apartheid and similar processes designed to promote transition from societies with internal conflicts and injustices to stable democracies. These processes are attempts to resolve conflicts left over from the past and break the cycle of former enmities in societies, undertaking a process of transitional justice which strives to address human rights abuses, establish reparations, create memorials and settle past accounts without derailing the establishment of a stable and democratic society, allowing former enemies to live in peace together.

The project is a collaborative process. Members of the public are invited to create their own design on the soles of a pair of used military boots. Linoleum, glue and tools to cut and carve will be provided so that participants can customise their own pair of boots. This took place on board the cultural ferry OM:FORM in the afternoon of 21 June during the Aalborg Regatta and at the Museum Center Hanstholm at 16 on 24 June. These customised boots were then moved to the beaches of the BunkerLove festivals in Hirtshals, 6 July and Furreby, 13 July and participants there were invited to put on a pair of boots and walk two Roman miles (which is roughly one mile by today’s definition of a mile – 1.63 km). The soles of the boots will “impress” the message of the creators of the boots in the sand of the beach, creating a mile of land art messages of peace and reconciliation created by strangers. The artwork is a part of our ongoing “Peace Army” project.” The boots are also part of BunkerLove’s exhibition at Kulturmødet Mors, taking place in Nykøbing Mors, August 21-23, and supported by the Land Art project Landshape.

More about Inge here and

From the Foxholes

Our newest member, Mikkel Fox has offered to help us to build our Instagram following so that we can attract a younger target audience.

Mikkel Fox attended the beach party at the People’s BunkerLove festival in 2013 and wondered why there weren’t more people present who fell into his age group. So he has volunteered his services to expand our following on Instagram, an image-sharing application which has a younger audience. We are delighted to have him as a friend and spokesperson and we are really thrilled with his initiative in contacting us!

Mikkel Fox reporting from Løkken, North Denmark

If you have an Instagram account, please be sure to welcome Mikkel Fox as our BunkerLove editor. Mikkel is in his final year of high school in Brønderslev, and has interesting plans afoot for travel and study… Like BunkerLove, he is not a fan of well-trodden paths… He’s adventurous and did his year 10 in Japan….. in Japanese! へようこそ

See you on Instagram!

The Guru


In extension of the opening of the BunkerLove 2013 Chris Brock photo exhibition in Turbinegalleriet in Nordkraft, Aalborg, ‘Something is rotten in the state of Denmark’, Chris Brock hosted an inspiring workshop in KULcaféen about taking portraits in a creative manner. In small groups we instructed and photographed each other, and in the end recreated our ‘poses’ into the above ‘group portrait’, which Chris created. He titled it ‘The Guru‘ and explains:

The en-lightened one surrounded by the worries, dramas and happinesses of the world. The politics, the sciences (that’s the astronaut), the love, the sadnesses and the worries. And all the time he shines a light on their concerns!

Below is a group shot from the workshop taken by participant Trine Bang Pedersen. A fine day!trine-chrisbrockworkshop

Let the Art speak

We’ve distributed a press release (in Danish only,’The gun is loaded with seawater’) about BunkerLove’s alternative May 1 celebration taking place in connection to the festive ‘dismantling’ of our precious Gold Tooth. At this occasion it will be possible for press and public to speak to some of the artists who will participate in the summer’s festivals:

  • Inge Tranter – multimedia artist and project manager for Alert BunkerLove in Hirthshals on July 7. She contributed to BunkerLove 2012 with Slow-Wave Sleep in collaboration with Meile Sposmanyte, and is a member of the board. (+45) 4215 2670 /
  • Erik Peitersen – creator of Gold Tooth and this year participating with a bunker installation at People’s BunkerLove, envisioned in Furreby on July 21. Contact for appointment with Erik.
  • Sandro Masai – performer and dancer participating in Alert BunkerLove in collaboration with Inge Tranter. Sandro’s role is also to lead the documentation of the BunkerLove festivals with Augmented Reality (See Sandro’s PechaKucha presentation).
  • Lars Ditlev Johansen – maker of A Walk in the Dark – a bunker drama envisioned in different versions for all 3 BunkerLove Festivals. Lars was a speaker and painter for BunkerLove 2012 and is a member of the board. See his PechaKucha presentation about the bunker drama. (+45) 2536 2655 /
  • Very likely there will be more artists represented.

Event with program on our Facebook Wall. We look forward to seeing new and recognisable faces. The weather forecast so far looks good, full sun and little wind.

On 1st of May we Spray it Away

Spray Away with BunkerLove :)Alternative May 1 with Bunker Love

Spray-Away removes Gold Tooth with sea water in the gun on May 1 at Furreby beach. The Spray cloud is quite a vision, and we would like to share that with you on the international labour day.

We meet by Gold Tooth on Wednesday May 1st at 13 (driving directions). Program is this:

There will be musical assistance (tba) and singing, and we will play with ‘reverse graffiti‘ …

Participating artist Sandro Masai will experiment with Augmented Reality and the junaio app. as preparations for the summer’s bunker transformations, so hopefully there will be an interesting sight to follow up with after the event, here too.

We hope to see you!

Identity Act

bunkerlove collage Inge Tranter
In working with our sales material, we are collecting feedback and ideas, and Steen Poulsen from the municipality of Hjørring suggested a visual comparison between bunker usage in war and peace time respectively. Inge Tranter with Jakob Stig Nielsen then made this. More ideas for how to visualise our act are always very welcome.

General Assembly 2013

BunkerLove Association is inviting for General Assembly on Wednesday March 20 at 19.30 (GMT +1).


  • Løkken library, Nørregade 28, 9480 Løkken
  • Participation via Skype possible, please email and we’ll have a connection ready for you.


Annual Report from the board and others

  • BunkerLove’s purpose
  • Evaluation of the pilot project, BunkerLove 2012
  • Maintained and new collaborations
  • Plan for BunkerLove 2013
  • BunkerLove Bonus, May 1st
  • Communication

Budget, election of Auditor

Feedback and ideas welcome
We encourage our members to participate actively. Proposals, including changes to our statutes can be emailed to

Election of board
BunkerLove’s Board currently consists of the association’s 3 founders Andi Debel, Nikkie Breinholt Dahm and Nanna Thorhauge. All 3 wish to continue along with Ellen Raunsmed, AAU, Nordic Centre of Intuition, Lars Ditlev Johansen, dramatist, and multimedia artist Inge Tranter. We have asked Inge to be chairman.

We have also invited the municipality of Hjørring to suggest a representative, and ideas are welcome in general – and feel free to suggest yourself. Write

BunkerLove has had an explosive start. We hope many will help shape the association’s future activity. You can join for free which gives you a vote.

Feel free to write to us at if you have additions to the agenda, comments or suggestions.

We look forward to it all!

The bear is sleeping II

From with kind permission we bring you Louise Juhl‘s Danish reading and an English translation of her poem ‘Bjørnen sover II‘ (small differences between written and read versions):

The bear is sleeping II
I am not dangerous, I am so easy, I am the shy eyes, I am the tilted head, I am Miscellaneous on the agenda that you never reach, I am the one who can wait, I am brushed steel, I always have room for one more, I don’t mind repeating, I don’t mind repeating, I don’t mind repeating – patiently, I am in favor of you, I am more in favor of you than of me, I am nice to animals, I am nice to people, I please the Lord, I have principles but none that can’t be broken, I am the face of compromise, I am the liberating laughter, the oil on the water, spawning, sleek, bountiful, I am the word of redemption, I am an individual for the common good, I am a lucky bag, a bonus package, an offer you can’t refuse, I am not dangerous, I am easy and give way to your glance, tilted head, I am more everything than I am nothing, I am organic and fair trade, I am exactly what you would have dreamed of, but didn’t dream, I am blissful like now a frosty Sunday morning is dark.

For more Louise Juhl, visit, Louise at or listen to her sounds at SoundCloud (including ‘Bjørnen sover V‘).
‘Bjørnen sover’ is also the title of a widely known Norwegian children’s song and game.


What goes up

Our complaint about having to remove the paint from Gold Tooth was denied. We are yet to be informed by the Nature Agency as to when it has to go down… Deep breaths… We try to work with gravity in a constructive manner…

This particular bunker will just have to transform in a way that includes a little more force than we like… perhaps just like the rest of us.

The bunker needs sandblasting. Input for cost-efficient and environmentally friendly workarounds most welcomed… We’ve been through a few options including water blasting and high pressure washing, but seems bunkers need sand.

Bite a bullet?

Tongue Eating Parasite That Becomes The Fish's Tongue.

Our 5 bullets for participating artists are now elaborated.

  • Transformation from Unconscious to Conscious
  • Transformation from Resistance to Liberation
  • Transformation from Reluctance to
  • From Conflict to (dis)Solution
  • Projections

The artistic project is open to further evolve. Your input as an artist, contributor or spectator is most welcome, and we hope it holds useful hooks. Photo from  treehugger.

‘Thou shall not like thy own facebook status’

modvind-medvindMy favorite Bunkerlove press clipping is a small piece from a local newspaper that reads:

Art project in head winds
NORTHERN JUTLAND: Art openings are usually a peaceful affair. But when the art is right next to the North Sea and a fierce western wind is throwing sand around, the experience can be very different. It certainly wasn’t easy to attend the opening of art project BunkerLove, Sunday on the beach by Løkken. Both wind and water did theirs to limit the participants to the particularly dedicated and stubborn. For months a group of artists worked hard to create art here on Furreby beach: for example Gold Tooth, the gilded bunker by Erik Peitersen.

The image caption repeats that wind and water ‘teased’ us, which I find extra amusing, because we do feel the rage of the elements. I like that it compliments those who made it there, so do we! And although Inge and Meile took care of their own bunkers, and for Erik merely assisted for about a week, I think it’s very pleasant to think of ourselves as a group of artists.

We would like the actual artists to be the spokespeople for BunkerLove. Members of every kind most welcome too, but the participating artists in particular (no pressure of course). We strongly feel that the emotional response invoked by these buildings of craziness must be used for something immensely creative and purposeful. Seeing them in transformed ways work with no words. Not a lot of things do.

The head winds were true for the pilot project, the head winds are still very true. We want to use this wind and that teasing sea exactly. For renewable energy. For continuous self-leadership. For great art and experiences. To remind us.

The Power of We

Blog Action Day - The Power of We

Blog Action Day 2012 - The Power of We

Peter Bastian in a recent interview said that in order to move in a direction where we become more able to bear the weight of our own emotional life without trembling and bothering other people with it, we have to focus on what we want with each other, our lifes, ourselves, our children. Our routine dealings with each other are characterized by ideas of comfort and cosiness, we bow and speak nicely. A form that makes the whole lesser than the sum of its parts, and focusing on how I feel in this community, more so than on what we can do together. BunkerLove represents a move towards the unknown, a movement where we together are us. Different rules apply to such a move. Making an effort in this uncertainty means to be present. To make an effort is awareness.

Useful employees by noochiWith BunkerLove we are on an unknown road, and the road feels good. I feel challenged in all areas. With BunkerLove in the back, it is even possible for me to trust the fear of the unknown. My feeling is that we will make this grow. We have been heard, and we listen. There is a relation going on. The unpredictability makes it possible to listen – to be together. My own feeling is that I myself am larger than the sum of the parts, able to make results that are better than what I could achieve with just my own 2 arms, as illustrated by Nanna. When I work for BunkerLove I work with BunkerLove. We would love it if you want to Join our We.

Active citizens want change

Photographer and Nikkie, a day in the life of bunkerlove. Photo: Janne Fonda

Photo: Janne Fonda

Photographer Henning Bagger, see his Berlingske BunkerLove series, and I. July 12, 2012 

Through culture and community, we can turn liquidation to development.

The withering outskirts – more specifically Northern Jutland – is up for debate tonight at the main Library of Aalborg. Chairman of the Rural Action Group Jørgen Folkvang and I have been asked to represent ’active citizens’ and how to adress a negative development. Mikael K and Klondyke provide music, and so does Ole Berthelsen.

My presentation will fabulate and focus on the existential perspectives of life on the edge, the outskirts, the rotten banana, name it as you please.

  • How do we choose our mirrors?
  • What is our vision?
  • How do we tell the story?
  • How do we attack our vision?

BunkerLove, our precious case study, materialized thanks to

  • 28 private persons (and more!)
  • 24 businesses
  • = 52 ’external’ parties being most directly involved.

That is what I would like to debate with you. Hope to meet you there!

Active citizens on the way

Alex og Sean flankeret af Erik. Christina, Marie og Nikkie ovenpå bunkeren.

Godsend helpers Alex and Sean with Erik Peitersen. Saviours Marie, Nikkie and Christina in the background.

Only one time during the whole making of BunkerLove did I sense that Nikkie had serious doubts about the event. This was on July 15 at around 14… the day of the festival. There was a stiff breeze, the cars got stuck in the sand, the bar had gotten lost on it’s way from Aarhus and didn’t have 4 wheel-drive and the sand storm was seriously threatening to ruin the expensive music gear that we were borrowing. Despite delicious help, we couldn’t make the main generator work.

ONE time… I was on the beach running around. Nikkie was loading the car again and running around in Løkken. She called me and said that we shouldn’t force things, that it might not be sane to carry through. I sank. I knew she was right. Nature is powerful, this was a very risky affair. In some strange way I felt that we’d already succeeded… Being overpowered by Nature is really no shame. I took the weather conditions as a message… I called my mother and said she shouldn’t drive (she had Nikkie’s car while we took her 4WD to its max, and I knew it couldn’t make it through the sand), I knew there would be no time and 4WD to pick them up. I walked over to Mikael K,Klondyke in a sand storm he was a bit frustrated, rightfully worried about the gear, yet preparing the Klondyke concert, and I used Nikkie’s words: ‘you know we have no insurance’, I said, ‘nothing should be forced through…’. Mikael stared in disbelief and responded: ‘What do you mean?’. An answer that made me all warm and fuzzy inside. My mother made it there too.

Nikkie unloading my mum's 4wdI had doubts in my own ideas about what I can and can’t do on the first day of priming the bunker that became Gold Tooth. We had gathered a beautiful crew to assist Erik, and we had promised to get rid of some sand on the roof of the bunker ahead of that. I’d said to Nikkie that I’d easily remove the sand, which I thought of as an overgrown ant hill. She would fix other things and come back with the team when we were ready to paint. So, we brought the tools and a wheelbarrow and Nikkie left… When I got on top of the bunker with my shovel I quickly realized that this was a mountain of sand, not an ant hill. Sand is very heavy… And there was no way I could get the wheelbarrow up on the roof through the narrow staircase. After… I don’t know… an hour, perhaps only half, of invisible work, and me in disbelief with myself, 2 boys popped up asking what I was doing. I explained and they decided to help. They turned out to be scouts, and figured out a very clever way to make a hoist to get the wheelbarrow up on the roof. They also helped shovelling. In fact they were so eager that at some point I got worried they’d fall down (not rational, they were super capable, I know, but…) – again the lack of insurance made me suggest that they checked for stuff inside the bunker and we’d make an exhibit of what they found. Here it is.

As you can see on the picture it took even more help to fulfill the task. I could barely lift my arms as I photographed the incredibly sweet and Godsend boys, Alex and Sean with their findings, and a beautiful crew of active citizens, Marie, Nikkie, Christina, Janne, and Erik arrived to make everything great again.

Mikael K and Klondyke and Nikkie have life in the outskirts, ‘Northern Jutland on the edge / Nordjylland på (ud)kanten‘ up for debate tomorrow at Aalborg main Library. This makes me very happy.

Pecha Kucha rules

Nikkie of BunkerLove presented at Pecha Kucha arrangements in Mygdal and Aalborg in the previous weeks (video presentation in Danish). Pecha Kucha is a fast-paced format of 20 slides, each for 20 seconds of presentation, of projects and ideas. This sets the direction… forward. No time to dwell on scratches, cracks and uncertainties (BunkerLove has a small festival for this type of existential doubts, bring it to Furreby Beach instead). The speedy approach encourage clarity and force the participants to focus on ideas, visions, messages, contacts and dreams. Thank you Pecha Kucha, for your network of people who take action and who cares… And for sharpening our pens and thoughts.

Fonda Foto for BunkerLove

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Janne Fonda of Fonda Foto graciously accepted a call for documentation of the BunkerLove project and we are delighted to have her gorgeous images to share. Why she cares?:

“I want to be a part of peeling the cultural banana and have a bite too! History and decay throw themselves at us in the bunkers –  and to a photographer and documentarist provides a constantly changing scenery around which the earth moves, the music plays and love walks in its own ways. And I have to focus! Because nothing looks as it did yesterday, when I passed by a bunker…”

Janne’s photos will also go into our Furreby bunker photo pool. THANK YOU Janne, from the bottom of our hearts.

BunkerLove for Livia

Livia Fonden på FacebookBunkerLove is a brand new association, counting a founding board of 3, thrilled that the first members tick in! The smallest challenge we have is to figure out ‘who gets the money’ in case we close up shop, as we barely got started yet and working on fundraising. As an association you need a statute for that though, and we quickly agreed that the Livia Fonden på Facebook in support of creative ways to solve conflicts would be a worthy taker. And the Livia foundation fortunately knows how to party:

Saturday, June 16th 2012 18.30 at Edison Stage in Betty Nansen Theatre, the Livia Foundation awards:

The prizes are awarded to spirited individuals, who pioneer new processes in conflicts and approach those peacefully and creatively by:

  • encouraging communication between opponents and adversaries
  • keeping in touch with the opponent and insisting on dialogue and negotiation
  • noticing an escalation early on and go to great lengths to ensure a détente
  • creating watersheds in escalated conflicts
  • fighting for ones conviction without the use of violence
  • supporting all parties after a given conflict to ensure a cordial cohabitation and the potential for a reconciliation
  • organising a concrete strategy for conflicts in local societies.

Livia Fonden på Facebook or join their party.


We are soon able to shed more light on some of the artists involved in the first BunkerLove festival, and can’t wait to share with you. We have asked that the artists and performers incorporate the spirit of BunkerLove in their work through these concepts:

• Transformation from Unconscious to Conscious

• Transformation from Resistance to Liberation

• Transformation from Reluctance to Volunteerism

• From Conflict to (dis)Solution

• Projections

If you have ideas for musicians, performers or presenters or wish to take part yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us here or at . Kind regards Andi, Nikkie and Nanna