Wish Boats by P.S.

Wish Boats is a performance by the artist trio P.S. which will take place at the Danish Culture Summit 2018, on the night of the 24th/ at 01-03 in the morning of Saturday 25th August in Klosterbugten, Nykøbing Mors aka the Culture Fjord. See details about the Wish Boats event on Facebook

The Performance group P.S. (Post Scriptum) work site-specific on the fjord in a long duration performance, which will have a ritual quality. Small paper boats with wishes and lights are released into the fjord from wooden boats that parade slowly through the black water. A man in a citrinitas robe and two scarlet figurines will light and release the boats that have been created and filled with wishes and dreams by passers-by.

P.S. consists of Rikke Steen Mapstone, Andrew Zealey & Anja Korsgaard

Thank you to Kulturmødet and to Nykøbing Mors Roklub, contributing with a boat and oarswomen, for making Wish Boats possible.

The three previously performed Magic Mandorla at the Culture Summit 2017 and for Pilgrim Mors 2018. Get a feel of their +1 hour long performance at the summit in 2017.

Music by Jenz Møller (guitar, keyboards, mix) with Suzette Gemzøe & Andrew Zealey, camera by Jais Hammerlund, Production and additional images by Nanna Thorhauge

Thank you to our sponsors

P.S. & BunkerLove wish to thank                                           

Morsø Hegn, Kulturmødet Mors, Flemming Korsgaard, Typographic, Morsømaling.dk, Mors Gebrugsplads. TAK til Iris Nielsen, Daniel, Mie & Laura Hansen, Helle Brunse, Charlotte Heide-Kristensen, Jonas Jensen, Owen Henderson, Jais Hammerlund, Will Whelan, Nanna Thorhauge, Jenz Møller, Suzette Gemzøe. And more.


The Reoccupied Bunker

Foto: Inge Tranter

At the Danish Nature Meeting taking place in Hirtshals on May 24-26 visitors can experience Sub created by sound artist Morten Poulsen for bunker # 42 in the Hirtshals bunker battery. Artists Inge Tranter and Morten Poulsen are available at the Nature Meeting:

Come and explore the strange-sounding plant names that we have in Denmark and listen to the nature in Hirtshals. We will be in tent number 34 in The Village and at the Lunchpack Room at the Hirtshals Lighthouse up the hill. We will alternate during the Nature Meeting, so when Morten is in the tent, Inge will be in the Lunchpack Room. You can go on a Sound Walk with Morten or imagine and draw a flower with Inge. Both Inge and Morten will be around for the whole of the Nature Meeting, where they will be able to tell you more about the bunker project. 

Children are asked to imagine and draw the flowers based on their names.

The drawings will be used for a series of porcelain sculptures to be created by ceramist artist Janice Anee Hunter and artist Inge Tranter. The sculptures will interpret the children’s ideas.

The Reoccupied Bunker will be the ‘culture light house’ for Hirtshals town anniversary in 2019. The Reoccupied Bunker is a collaboration between the artists:
Morten Poulsen
Janice Anee Hunter &
Inge Tranter

More about the Nature meeting (in Danish)


SUB - sound installation by Morten Poulsen

We often think of the ocean as a silent place, but it can actually be quite a noisy environment. The sounds used in Sub were recorded with underwater microphones at a depth of approximately 8 meters, about 900 meters off the coast of Hirtshals, where the ferries and fishing boats are sailing. While we can choose to enter and leave this noisy environment as we wish, creatures in the sea have no choice but to live in it.

Sub will exhibited in bunker # 42 in the Hirtshals bunker museum throughout the Nature Meeting taking place May 24-26 in Hirtshals, North Denmark.

The sound installation, Sub is a precursor to the collaborative project The Re-Occupied Bunker, created by artists Inge Tranter, Janice Hunter and Morten Poulsen, which will be presented at Hirtshals City Anniversary 2019.

The Re-Occupied Bunker is supported by Hjørring Municipality, Vendsyssel Historical Museum, The Bunker Museum, Hjørring Education Authority, BMMK and Hirtshals Lighthouse.
Learn more at www.morten-poulsen.dk/sub

Sub was created with support from KODA Culture and UdOverKanten-Puljen

Magic Mandorla at Pilgrim Mors


Participants on the Pentecost pilgrimage on the North Danish island Mors will experience the Magic Mandorla performance when they reach Årbæk Mølle in the afternoon on Friday, May 25. EVERYONE is welcome to join, you just have to head towards the beach in the end of Årbækmøllevej by Ørding on Mors.

Anja Korsgaard in 2017 co-created the Magic Mandorla performance along with visual artist Andrew Zealey and dancer Rikke Steen Mapstone for the Culture Summit 2017, and it is the same group of performers who will be at it for Pilgrim Mors. Artist Malene Bang Zealey will further participate as a documentarist.


Anja explains:

“The point of departure is the WW2 bunkers of the West Coast but the energy of the Mandorla remains relevant in relation to the contrasts and conflicts that are part of our time and are constantly messing with our balance and in demand of attention.

Magic Mandorla – Where We Create is a performance, a journey, a dream, a Jungian exploration of the Prima Materia.”

Everyone is welcome, the Magic Mandorla is not exclusive to pilgrims. The time of the arrival of the wanderers to Ørding determines the start time, probably around 16 o’clock. The full pilgrimage with overnight stays is fully booked, but you can still join individual days.

See the program for Pilgrim Mors (in Danish)