The Artistic Project

Bunkers for peace!

In the summer of 2016 we asked BunkerLove’s members whether to change the artistic project:


As the response wasn’t clear we will leave the original text from 2012 be. As stated in the below intro the text is merely meant as a guide, which is why ‘bunkers for peace’, which IS in short what we work for, can simply co-exist. 

Our ongoing communal art project is a challenge to the way in which we perceive the role of art in society – and to the personal ways we can choose to express our relation with it. The points below are to guide more than direct the Association’s grips on the very visible remains of the most recent WW. We wish to sharpen the project, and thrive on your ideas for improvements.

  • Transformation from Unconscious to Conscious
    Being aware of oneself and one’s surroundings and general context is consciousness. We constantly make minor and major decisions about our lives and expressions of personal values under the influence of unsustainable main streams of western civilization. Our abilities to make holistic priorities are shaded by materialism, consumerism, norms, personal upbringing or just general apathy or emotional disturbances… Passivity or silence are sometimes the right answer, yet a choice too. Is it possible to work collectively with individual awareness in a non-judgmental and forgiving way?
  • Transformation from Resistance to Liberation
    Fear often relates to change and the unknown. Thoughtlessness and what we don’t understand. We live with real, shared dangers in terms of wars, spiritual poverty, climate change and a financial system that clearly does not work. In spite hereof, our fears or the stubbornness of our convictions typically tie to far more irrational matters, and often in forceful ways. We risk crippling ourselves in thoughts and action, for the wrong reasons. How can we enforce freedom of mind in a perhaps even joyful and illuminating way?
  • Transformation from Reluctance to Volunteerism
    Reluctance or ‘issues’ are felt every day by many of us. Sometimes we feel inclined to act, but stop ourselves for more or less rational rapports. If we want to act but don’t, can we think of action as simply something we are postponing while transforming our calls or desires into some kind of personal engagement? What changes one’s attitude towards a need for commitment? Can art inspire an idea of volunteerism without becoming itself instrumental and less free?
  • From Conflict to (dis)Solution
    Avoiding stagnation in our relations with opponent beliefs or expressions we don’t immediately like or understand? How can we co-exist or even get closer to one another without forcing, manipulating or in other ways compromise who we are? How can we let go of resentments, or just face our common cluelessness/ joint limitations as human beings? How can we empower ourselves to work towards solutions through conscious decision-making including everything we’ve made choice to remember?
  • Projections
    In perceiving the world, what is actually ‘truth’ or ‘objectivity’, and what are feelings and norms we ourselves impose – consciously or unconsciously – to create meaning, and to distinguish good and bad? How do we proceed to give, take or dismiss from our surroundings the way we are capable or in need of? Why do we see fits and misfits? Is it an illusion to think we can share experience? Does it matter?

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