Andrew Zealey (DK/ UK), Visual artist


BunkerLove artist in residence Andrew Zealey by the bunkers in Furreby near Løkken, where he transformed a bunker into ‘highlights’ for Free BunkerLove Festival 2014. Andrew has been an important friend and partner to the project since the pilot project in 2012 and also exhibited for Chilled BunkerLove in Grønhøj in 2013. He curated the Chris Brock photo exhibition in 2014. Photo by Chris Brock

Visual artist Andrew James Zealey (DK/ UK) is in the Magic Mandorla performance taking place at Pilgrim Mors by Årbæk Mølle in the afternoon on May 25, 2018.


In 2017 he supported Inge Tranter’s Flower Bunke and was a co-creator and performer in Anja Korsgaard’s Magic Mandorla for the Cultural Summit 2017.

Andrew Zealey was a part of the Free BunkerLove Festival 2014, July 13, taking place in Furreby by Løkken and Chilled BunkerLove Festival 2013 in Grønhøj. His work in 2014 was entitled ‘highlights/ life’s a beach’:

After 70 years of lashings from the harsh north sea, howling winds and rain and sand – like a million cat-o-nine-tails – these bunkers have paid their price. They are no longer the sentinals of evil. They are the reminders of an evil regime where one man’s madness can take over the world. This MUST not EVER happen again. We MUST work together. Stand side by side. For no one is better or worse than the next, and we need to try to understand our enemies.

Today these bunkers are oozing out white calcium deposits from deep witin their core. They are being cleansed by nature from within their own building blocks. These white deposits have created patterns that somehow remind me of my paintings. I aim to ‘highlight’ these purgings with organic paint mixed with buttermilk and eggs. These ‘highlights’ will disappear gradually, depending on the weather and mother nature. My mark making aims to enlighten the healing process already taking place.

Nature’s power can heal all wounds of war and oppression given enough time but only if we nurture and not abuse her.



He is still envisioned to one day create a painterly transformation of the three bunkers at Kærsgaard beach, a venue he suggested back in 2012 due to its peacefulness and spirituality. Sacred BunkerLove 2013 with otherworldly sculptures, biodegradable landscape painting and musical meditation as a consequence was destined for this beach. Unfortunately, we were informed in early June 2013 by the Danish Nature Agency that our application to use this venue had been rejected. Instead of the envisioned work, Andrew exhibited Chilled Spirit, selected paintings inside an exhibition bunker for Chilled BunkerLove Festival 2013, which took place in Grønhøj with Jammerbugt municipality.

Andrew-Zealey-Kaersgaard Kærsgård beach – Photo: Andrew Zealey

Andrew Zealey grew up in Southern England and holds a Bachelor of Art in Fine Art Photography from Glasgow, School of Art, 1997. He moved to Denmark in 2000 and since then painting is his way of life. He lives in the beautiful Skallerup inland dunes where nature is always around to inspire. The influences and interpretations of the great powers of nature is the source that drives the oil to the canvas.

Artist and art professor at Treloar College, Alton (and brother) Colin Zealey says:

There is a really interesting quality to some of these to do with rhythmic energy and almost total abstraction – and the balance between what appears to be both controlled and unconscious mark making. The use of colour, far beyond reality as a landscape, evokes an intense dream-like aura. I see and feel echoes of Turner, Van Gogh, Matisse and Kandinsky.

See Andrew’s paintings on Flickr and portfolio

Andre James Zealey - visualization of bunker art