Active citizens want change

Photographer and Nikkie, a day in the life of bunkerlove. Photo: Janne Fonda

Photo: Janne Fonda

Photographer Henning Bagger, see his Berlingske BunkerLove series, and I. July 12, 2012 

Through culture and community, we can turn liquidation to development.

The withering outskirts – more specifically Northern Jutland – is up for debate tonight at the main Library of Aalborg. Chairman of the Rural Action Group Jørgen Folkvang and I have been asked to represent ’active citizens’ and how to adress a negative development. Mikael K and Klondyke provide music, and so does Ole Berthelsen.

My presentation will fabulate and focus on the existential perspectives of life on the edge, the outskirts, the rotten banana, name it as you please.

  • How do we choose our mirrors?
  • What is our vision?
  • How do we tell the story?
  • How do we attack our vision?

BunkerLove, our precious case study, materialized thanks to

  • 28 private persons (and more!)
  • 24 businesses
  • = 52 ’external’ parties being most directly involved.

That is what I would like to debate with you. Hope to meet you there!

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