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Sunday 13th July at 15.00 will be the start of the Free BunkerLove festival on Furreby beach near Løkken. There will be transport from the boat rescue station (where there are also toilet facilities 800m from the festival area) at the end of Nordre Strandvej at 14.45 and 17.00.

Below is a map of the festival site and the program for the day. Download map and program.

Bunkerlove2014-furreby-handout copy.indd

Bunkerlove2014-furreby-handout copy.indd





BunkerLove 2014 flyer (PDF)

BunkerLove aims to breathe new life into the bunkers with cultural happenings which both commemorate lives lost and ponder past mistakes as well as look to the future positively. With the support of KulturKANten and Hjørring municipality we invite you to attend:

We are further presenting 3 BunkerLove-events in relation to the festivals and work to move our project outside of Denmark with a Peace Caravan in 2015.

Michael Richardt Petersen inside the flower bunker A Cottage for Yemanja. Portrayed by Chris Brock

Michael Richardt Petersen inside the flower bunker by Inge Tranter titled A Cottage for Yemanja at BunkerLove 2013. Portrayed by Chris Brock and on the poster for photo exhibition: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

BunkerLove is open to all art forms. We work on new festivals with artists and project managers who live close to the Atlantic Wall bunkers, and we work internationally. We encourage free BunkerLove initiatives… If you want to get involved or create your own BunkerLove festival, then please contact us info@bunkerlove.com

BunkerLove Association is based on volunteer work and we need both sponsors and helping hands. Sign up for news or join us if you like the sound of our project

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